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"Just wanted to let you know that Bill doesn't say "A bitch" but "a Bit" in the Humanoid Interview :)"

really? i just played it again and made 3 of my brothers hear it as well and we all hear the same thing. maybe its the accent?

  • Fan : Hey, Bill, I love you so much!
  • Bill : Love you too!
  • Fan : Tom, I love you!
  • Tom: Thanks!

Does it scare you to play piano on stage? It’s totally different in comparison to rocking out on the guitar.


when your parents think you have it easy


Bill kicking Tom (many times) during In die Nacht

 Bill rushing through his papers on the desk or drawing” haha requested by jane-banks

what Bill was really doing:


Georch’s dog is cuter than Bill’s. AMEN

 but wouldnt you expect bigger dogs for these rockstars?? like a great dane or a dobberman


No daddy… Please don’t stop!!! #mybuddy #tokiohotelinstagram #aliens

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